Developing a Partnership with Families
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30th January 2003.


 Welcome to our newlook website
Welcome to our newlook website

About our website
We have given our website a complete overhaul in terms of how it looks and functions. We shall be keeping you informed of new events, publications and general news regarding the Best Health for Children project. If you have any views or suggestions as to how we can improve this site, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

National Training and Development Officer
This post has been created to develop the training structure of the Best Health for Children programme. Best Health for Children is a conjoint programme acting on behalf of all the Health Boards to improve the health of children and young people. The programme is part of the Health Board Executive (HeBE) the agency established to facilitate joint working between Health Boards. The post holder will work with the Assistant Director in managing and developing the training structure.

More information on the position of National Training and Development Officer can be found by clicking here.



What are we doing about the quality of child health services?

Supporting Parents Key to Better Health for Children.